Invisible Women

Photographer Jean Phillip Joseph, MUA:Alexandra Joseph, Hair by me using Oribe

I am not as agile as I once was.  

Every ache, muscle pull or tenderness is now a cause for concern. You can’t tell by looking at me or through basic interaction but I’m in my late forties and honestly, minus my heighten sense of physical awareness,   I feel damn good! 

Forty for me feels a bit like my twenties but with much more of a mature sense of how I view the world and a peaceful connection with gentle acceptance of my  authentic self - cellulite and all!

Sadly, societal conditioning and unrealistic expectations that fuels a system riddled with prejudices that thrives on our self-doubts, have assisted in maintaining an array of discriminations. In this case, age discrimination.   

I say “F” THEM ALL

Fling away pressures that are not in alignment with your Higher Self. 

Flick away notions and ideals of perfection. 

Flouncy away in your power as you float on- in the pureness that is you!

Free yourself and be invisible to anything that does not come from a place of love. 

Sending hugs and  :::good vibrations filled with love, peace and power:::


Client: BBH, Directed by Christopher Galvin, Produced by Meg Volk, DP: Joe Staehly,
Gaffer: Joe Albino, Grip: Gabe Solorzano, 1st AC: Lucas Martin, Casting Director: Donna Grossman, PA: Dahlie McGill, HMU: Laura Mitchell, 

Hair by me using all products by ORIBE.


It’s been quite awhile since my last post.  I wasn’t inspired to share anything on here and I also wasn’t sure in which direction or what purpose this blog would actually fill. 

Recently, there’s been a shift in my consideration of this blog, especially pertaining to the industry - with a large portion of the current industry climate pointing towards inclusion, diversity, self expression and what all of that actually looks like. 

Now, couple the above with the fact that I post quiet a bit on IG Stories and love sharing my thoughts and views. However, those thoughts and views were only “valid” for 24hrs before they live on in IG archives. Today I hope to place regular consideration on posting and creating a space where my  thoughts and views are able to live on for more than 24hrs. 


Elle Bulgaria

Photographer:Lalo Torres

Wardrobe: Davis Carrasquillo

Makeup: Jamie Dorman

Nails: Misa Matsumura

Hair by me using all Oribe products

PREP | Maximista Thickening Spray  STYLE | Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream FINISH | Superfine Hair Spray  

Staten Island Summer.

Photographer: Dayane Ohira @dayaneohiraArt Director: Katherine Borah @katherineborah

Fashion stylist: Frida Becker @fridabecker

Prop stylist: Maria Friedenberg @mkf_fab

Hair Stylist: Anike Rabiu @anikerabiu

MUA: Laramie Glen @laramiemakeup

Models: Radha  Kotliarsky @radha From  State  Management   @statemgmtUna  Filipovic @unafilipovic From  Supreme  Management @suprememgmt

Production:  Zineland  Studio  at  @zineland

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