"I care for your outer and inner expressions." - Anike Rabiu


Hair Stylist:

Aveda trained, New York State licensed Cosmetologist, Anike enjoys the creative and collaborative energy of image storytelling - from a fashion perspective. 

With a wealth of experience assisting many of the top, highly acclaimed international Hair Stylists, Anike is carving out a lane of her own;  leading and keying high profile, large production advertising campaigns,  and runway shows as hair focussed co-collaborator / creative director . 

As an Artist, Anike appreciates all of the many expressions of hair: the shapes, forms and disguises in which hair transforms into, the stories that it tells; whether as a quiet whisper or bold declaration, this is her attraction to hair.

Spiritual Companion:

Anike is also a current  Interfaith / Inter Spiritual Seminarian at One Spirit Learning Alliance  honing her calling to providing guidance as a Spiritual Companion through nondenominational support. 

With over ten years of experience as a Ministry Leader and Deacon at FCBC in New York, Anike provides deep listening and guidance to those who  are exploring their inner inquiries towards a path of balance, wholeness and deeper connection with The One who is known by many names ( The Divine, GOD, Allah, The Universe... ), or no name at all (Atheist or/ and agnostic).  No matter your faith, tradition, religious affiliation (or non)- I am here for you.

For more information regarding Spiritual Companioning, kindly email Anike at THIS LINK 


A veteran of the Fashion Industry both in front and behind the camera: 

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Anike (pronounced Ah-Knee-Keh), is of Yoruba ethnicity but has lived in The States for many years.

As a fresh eyed New Yorker with an effervescent personality and a keen sense of style, Anike became a  Personal Shopper/ Image Consultant on Madison Ave., outfitting Celebrities and Socialites; this was also the time in which she was scouted and led to her career as a fashion model. 

After modelling for several years and living in Germany, Anike returned full time to New York and began working in the corporate side of Fashion Retail and Brand Management.

After a spiritual directive, Anike segued her interests into the beauty side of the industry and enrolled into the Aveda Institute in SoHo New York to gain deeper insights of the applications and enhancements of beauty rituals. 

This portion of her life's journey is currently beautifully unfolding.


Key Artist/ Lead Stylist:

* Runway/Presentation*


Hanifa Sp/S 2022 

Pyer Moss: Seven Mothers

French Connection: FW/SS  19-20

V-Files Sp/S19

CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund: Krewe Optics


Backstage & Hair Stylists Assistant:

Guido, Didier, James Pecis, Damien Boissinot, Joey George, 

* Show Team* Guido Palau  ~Assistant to Lead Team  

2017-2020: Couture, NYFW, MFW, PFW   

* Shows*  Valentino, DIOR, Givenchy, LOEWE, PRADA, Dolce & Gabanna, Thom Browne, Gabriela Hearst

(professional references) Lacy Redway, Conrad Doran, Michael Silva, Anthony Campbell, Lizzie Arneson, Jenny Kim, Keith Carpenter.


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